About Us

Hi, I am John Peeters, the founder and CEO of Nature’s Beauty.

Our family business is 100% NZ owned & operated & we have been producing natural skincare treatments for the local market since 1996.

It all started when our family returned to New Zealand from London and my wife could not find a suitable moisturiser for her skin.

We approached a local chemist and between us formulated a nourishing lanolin crème that worked well not only for my wife but also for our family and friends.

Shortly after, we found there was a huge demand for New Zealand made skincare. We started our business working from home filling the cream into plastic jars supplied from our family owned plastics factory.

Today all our family work in the business.

Our skincare brands include Natures Beauty, Bee Kiwi and Lanolux. All are sold locally in NZ & exported around the world.

Our original Nature’s Beauty nourishing lanolin crème remains ever popular after 23 years and is complimented by our hero range Ovine Placenta Skincare & other ranges that enhance the essence of NZ.

Our vision is to provide natural beauty products from New Zealand in the purest form using a combination of the healthiest natural ingredients, most of which come from this pure land.

All our products are made in New Zealand and are individually wrapped and inspected before sale.

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CEO John Peeters | Shop Nature's Beauty   John Peeters, CEO of Nature's Beauty (NZ) Ltd.